Parent Talk Workshops

Join with other parents from DSBC for “Parent Talk”, a series of workshops including group discussion, teaching and training related various aspects of Christ-centered parenting. Classes are held on select Sundays from 12:30-3PM in the Student Center. For more info visit

Bible Treasures – January 9th – March 27th, 2018

BIBLE TREASURES meets on Tuesday mornings from 9:00-11:30AM in the DSBC Conference Room behind the Worship Center. This class is for men and women of all ages who desire to study God’s Word. Join us for a 7 week study on Revealing the Mysteries of Heaven.  The study books will cost $10.00 each. For more information or to reserve a book call Sonja Swanson at 602-953-2332 or email

Know What You Believe – January 31st – March 7th, 2018

This 6-week class on Wednesday nights led by Pastor Rick will help you to better understand the biblical basis for essential Christian beliefs. Class participants will receive an outline for each of the class sessions to clarify the material and to guide our discussion. To get the most from the class, you will be expected to do some limited reading in an easy to understand text book. There is a $10 charge for the book. Register HERE.

Grace Filled Marriage Class – February 4 – March 25th, 2018

Register today for an 8-week class based on the book Grace Filled Marriage by Family Matters Ministry and Tim and Darcy Kimmel. The class will be held in Room C305 at 9:30AM. Sign up HERE.

Money Matters Class – February 4 – March 25th, 2018

Join us for an 8 week study that will provide biblical perspective on how to manage money more effectively. Learn how to establish a spending plan that will empower you to meet your personal needs, to save for the future, to deal with debt and to be able to share with others. The class will meet at 11:00AM in Room C305. Sign up HERE.

Ladies Bible Study – February 8th

Join us Thursday mornings in the Student Center at 9:30AM as we go through a Beth Moore study “Beloved Disciple”.

Mending the Soul

God delights in mending shattered souls. Mending the Soul is a biblically grounded, psychologically informed and comprehensive small support group designed to help men or women who have been abused find healing.

For any women who have been impacted by trauma, neglect, or any type of abuse, questions should be directed to Gayle McCartney at Interested women should complete the application located on website HERE.

Tikvah BaMidbar (Hope in the Desert)

We teach the Jewish roots of Christianity monthly through Bible studies and the biblical fulfillment of prophecy through the Jewish Feasts. We meet select Fridays at 7:00PM in the Student Center.

  • Jan. 12, Feb. 09, Mar. 23 (Passover Seder 6:30PM at Orange Tree Resort, Apr. 13, May 11, Jun. 08, Jul. 13, Aug. 10, Sep. 14 (Rosh Hashana), Sep. 28 (Yom Kippur), Oct. 12 (Succoth), Nov. 09, Dec. 07 Chanukah

Weekly Gatherings

Through the Bible – Sundays 9:30AM (Room C303)

The Bereans – Adults 50+, Sundays 11:00AM (Conference Room)

Mature & Multiply – Mondays 7:00PM (C305)

Bible Treasures – Tuesdays 9:00AM (Conference Room)

Group Prayer – Wednesdays 6:00PM (Conference Room)

Ladies Bible Study – Wednesdays 7:00PM (Conference Room)

Men’s Community Bible Study – Alternating Saturdays 7:00AM (Student Center)